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Please Don’t Make Me Juggle

We talk a lot about failing and succeeding, about balancing and juggling, balls dropped or kept aloft. I just wish there was another way. Can’t we just meet each challenge as it comes? Decide what is the most important thing to do right now and do it? Hold on to what we have and move […]


Japan. Japan is where we went, Japan is what we saw. We didn’t go there with a plan, exactly. We didn’t have a list of things we needed to see. Just some cities to travel to and a loose schedule of when we wanted to come and go from each place. We each took one backpack […]

Out to Lunch

Yeah, I know I said I would post more notes from Women in the World in a couple of days but, well, I didn’t get around to it and Micah and I are heading out on a little vacation for a couple of weeks. We’re celebrating 10 years together! The best 10 years, for sure. […]

Micah’s Got Next

For weeks and weeks I’ve been looking forward to being DONE with the marathon. I was so tired of running every day, so tired of pushing the darn stroller with two kids in it, so tired of logging miles. I imagined that my post-marathon life would be full of playdates and free time, that I […]

Maintaining the Relationship

If you want to really get to know someone, you try to see them in all sorts of situations. You go on a road trip together before you get married. You volunteer at a soup kitchen. You play on a sports team together. You cook together. You eat the food you cook. (Or maybe you […]

So, What’s Next?

I started thinking about what I wanted to do after Boston months ago. Training was going so well and I was having such a good time that I decided I might as well take advantage of the fact that I’m not pregnant and train for as many races as possible. So I signed up for […]

Love in Little Things

I feel loved when someone sends me an article or a recipe they think I will enjoy, or tells me something they think my kids would like. I feel loved when someone asks me to do something small for them – to watch one of their kids for a minute while they change a diaper. […]

This Week in Marathon Training + More Love in Real Life

I wore normal running shoes this week. To run in. Which I haven’t done since before Squish was born. It was a little weird and I didn’t love it. In fact, I didn’t even like it. I would, in fact, go so far as to say it was the worst run I’d been on in […]

Record Keeper

I’m a compulsive journaler, a habitual record-keeper. I knew this about myself already, but it wasn’t until my sister-in-law asked me this week about my journaling methods (and my madness) that I had a chance to confront the problem in detail. This is what it looks like: I’ve been keeping a hand-written journal daily since […]

In 50 Years

Micah and I used to run together a lot. It was our thing. We’d go out with the boy(s) in the jogger before work, or on a Saturday morning. We’d do speed work and long runs side by side. We’d talk through the long laps of the park and distract each other from the cramps […]

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Booking It

  • The Little Prince
    March 1st, 2013 | 2:28 pm

    the little princeI’m reading this with the boys. My first time. It’s amazing people. So good I almost want to cry sometimes.

  • Love 2.0
    January 28th, 2013 | 9:44 pm

    lovefredricksonLoved these thoughts on love. May have to get my hands on a copy of the book.


  • Maurice and Terry and Christoph
    January 7th, 2013 | 10:37 pm

    What can go wrong in a mash-up of Maurice Sendak, Terry Gross, and Christoph Niemann? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Click here to see.

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