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“Chores” Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Word

I’ve been accused of not letting people help me out enough. And I’ll own up to it. Sometimes it seems like it’s just easier to go ahead and do whatever needs to be done rather than ask/teach someone else to do it. But even I could see that things couldn’t go on forever like that […]

Friends. Pals. Buddies. Besties.

He falls. Skins his knee, scrapes his elbow. I run to help him, give him a hug, inspect the damage, tell him he’ll be alright. And he lets me — but just for a minute. Then he turns and looks around, Where is she? She’s coming, running, ready to do her job. He jumps up, […]

Boys Can Be Pretty, Too

“What about these ones?” Manchild held up a box of running shoes. They were bright blue with hot pink accents. There may have been hearts on them. Clearly a pair of shoes made for a girl. Except, he didn’t know that and I didn’t have the heart to tell him. Or maybe I didn’t have […]

A Song For the Road

Yesterday was Squish’s birthday. He’s 4 now, and so excited about it. (Little does he know the plans we have to exploit that: “Four-year-olds don’t need help getting their shoes on. Four-year-olds wipe their own bums. Four-year-olds eat green things.”) It was fun to let him be in charge of the day. He wanted to […]

Power to the Mom

Squish is a dad’s boy. He likes his dad more than anyone else. He wants to sit by him at mealtimes. He will only ride on the bike Dad is driving, if given a choice. And he’s very loyal to his dad. He’s careful never to admit that he may just have the nicest, prettiest, […]

Give A Little Respect

“Come on boys! Cheer me on!” Silence. “Tell me I can do it! Tell me I’ve got this hill!” Silence. “Really boys, don’t you think I’m doing a good job?” Silence. Finally, Squish speaks: “Well, I think Dad is the best and I like riding on the bike with him.” Oh. Right. Thanks a lot. […]

In Which I Unintentionally Torture My Child

On occasion, you have the best of intentions. You really do. But then everything blows up in your face and you end up torturing your child to within an inch of his sanity instead. It happens. You see, I’d intended to give Manchild the opportunity to prepare for his next race. Last year he complained […]

Weekly Retrospective: Things I Didn’t Know

I knew that Manchild starting school this week would have a huge ripple effect on our daily lives. I knew I’d be spending nearly 2 hours on the bike every afternoon to go get him. I knew we’d be waking up earlier to make sure he was on time to class. I knew I’d get […]

Disney Baby Giveaway!

A little while ago, we were invited to see some of Disney’s new looks for babies. Tigger was there. Manchild acted like they were long lost buddies, which was great because Tigger acted that way too. I mean, they even co-ordinated the orange stripes, so there you have it. Totally on the same wavelength. Pooh […]

The Power To Do Anything

“Next time we go to Wal-Mart, I want to get the power to do anything.” “If I had the power to do anything, then I’d get two magic hats and teleport to Utah.” “I have the power to do anything, so I’m going to fly over the barricades!” “Guess what I have, Mom?! . . […]

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Booking It

  • The Little Prince
    March 1st, 2013 | 2:28 pm

    the little princeI’m reading this with the boys. My first time. It’s amazing people. So good I almost want to cry sometimes.

  • Love 2.0
    January 28th, 2013 | 9:44 pm

    lovefredricksonLoved these thoughts on love. May have to get my hands on a copy of the book.


  • Maurice and Terry and Christoph
    January 7th, 2013 | 10:37 pm

    What can go wrong in a mash-up of Maurice Sendak, Terry Gross, and Christoph Niemann? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Click here to see.

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