Cocoon: Stories of Gestation

Ugh. Life. Somehow it always gets in the way of what I really want do be doing, which is to sit and swap stories over chocolate chip cookies and milk. Or maybe a plate of nachos. There really isn’t enough time for that, IMHO. 

But I’m working on it. Maybe not so much the chocolate chip cookies part as the swapping stories part because that’s what my new project is about: telling stories. And I mean really telling them. With voices. Your voices. Which I (and my best gal pal Val, aka Valerie Best) will record, and then edit, and then share. Via podcast. 

It’s called Cocoon: Stories of Gestation. And those are the kind of stories we’ll be gathering and spreading—stories of pregnancy, of change, of growing and becoming something new and different. The focus is on the figurative gestational year, from deciding to pursue this parenthood thing (or from discovering the pregnancy, if that came first) to the shock and awe of holding that screaming newborn in your arms. Anything that happens during that time is fair game: from things like crazy cravings and fashion snafus and naming issues to heavier stuff like infertility, birth trauma, and loss. 

Basically, it’s all about this transitional time. What you, as moms and dads (or hopeful moms and dads, or would-have-been moms and dads), made of that strange and sensitive time—and what it made of you. 

So that’s what it is. And as we are working toward launch date (still TBD), we were hoping to get a bit of insight from all ya’ll. We’ve been working with the talented Linsey Laidlaw to come with up the look of Cocoon. She’s done some excellent work that we are really excited about, and we thought we’d ask you which one you are most excited about. Check out them out and let me know which one looks more, to you, like the Cocoon described above. What do you see? What speaks to you? Why? I can’t wait to hear. 



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  1. I like the first one better. The second makes me think of Comedy Central, and I don’t think I’ll ever unsee that.


  2. I like the top one best! I am so looking forward to this, I’m sure it will be amazing!


  3. fantastic! I can’t wait! I love the font. It is perfect. I like the second design because it is eye catching and easily recognizable, but I would change the colors, perhaps closer to the palette of the first design. I think the first design overall fits very well with the idea of Cocoon, but the C shape needs some tweaking. What if it were closer to a cresent moon shape? Anyway, just food for thought.


  4. The first one, definitely. I have a strange obsession of all things baby-related, so I’m excited to hear more about this project!


  5. I like the first one. It feels more true to my experiences in pregnancy which were very primal. The second logo seems more tech-y and sterile which are not what I associate with pregnancy.

    That said, the second logo looks a tad like a pregnant belly sticking out on the right.

    I can’t wait to see (hear!) where this goes!


  6. So awesome! Like Longest Shortest Time but better. 🙂 I love the blue watercolor look. Looks dreamy and sublime. Love. Reminds me of a lullaby album cover or something. I like that it’s abstract in color but only fills the shape of the “C”.

    So excited for this!


  7. I like the first one! The second one makes me think of studio c…sounds like fun! Good luck!


  8. Yeah, I love podcasts!! It’s the best/ only way for me to enjoy cleaning/ dishes/ organizing. I definitely vote the top one, feels more earthy, fluid, natural. Second seems like an app/ Apple logo. Can’t wait! You’re awesome!


  9. I like the second one…. it says story telling to me and the layers of becoming a mom….


  10. In the same vein as Abby, I feel like the first one is more unique and therefore more brand-able. But I look at it and I’m not sure what it’s trying to say. Maybe I’m not artsy enough to see it. The second one does remind me of other things (for me it is Studio C), so it’s less”cocoon stories” exclusive, but I also feel like it symbolizes what you envision for cocoon stories pretty well.
    Those are my thoughts.


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