For some reason I was expecting a little more fanfare with the end of February. You know, 32 degrees or something. But it was not to be. It’s a good thing we took matters into our own hands and added a little bit of summer to spur us on through what I certainly hope are winter’s death throes, right? A good thing we tossed some cherries at the snow and cold? Just to show them what they’ll be missing out on in a few months?

But even though we had to use most of our energy to stay warm, we were able to spare a little for brainpower this February, were we not? We did learn something? Something about just how much we can take . . . and when to stop complaining and get back to the business of life? Am I right? At least that is what I learned: I can’t be bothered with the weather, I’ve got an 8-miler to run. Life, for better or worse, doesn’t freeze even if my fingers do.

We also learned that cherries are a little bit harder to find in February than at other times of the year. And maybe a little trickier to work with. Kara has a delicious sounding scone recipe to share, which, unfortunately, was not a hit with the kiddos. (I’d eat them Kara! All of them!) But she did hit a home run with the Ironman, finishing up the last couple of miles as February was turning to March.

(Which, as previously noted, did not mean winter-turning-to-spring. *sigh*)



Once again, I’ll add more round-up-ish-ness as it arrives in my inbox!

UPDATE: Rachel finished the half-Ironman option of the challenge. Way to go, Friend!

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