A Peek at Peak Weeks

What are we at? Week 11 of 16? I think that’s right. Peak marathon training. If I thought I ran a lot in February, well, if all goes according to the training schedule, I’ll have covered a lot more ground by the end of March. We’re 10 days in and I’m up to 75 miles, if that gives you an idea.

Last Saturday was the first of 3 20+ mile runs I’ll do to prep for Boston. A few weeks ago I “accidentally” ran 19.5 (I thought I was around 18) and felt unaccountably good afterward. Like I could have done another couple of miles. No aches or pains or sorenesses (not until an hour or so later, anyway). But last week’s 20 felt like the 20-milers I used to know. The ones where my muscles feel tight and start cramping, where I wonder if I really am going to make it home, and once I do, I spend the next several hours wondering if I’m going pass out or throw up. (In a good way . . . ?)

But thankfully I have a stellar running buddy to chat with as we run around Prospect Park again, and again, and again (and again!), so the running itself is not a problem. We keep a good pace to go along with our sometimes-coherent chatter, and I’m optimistic that Boston itself will be a good run. So hooray for that.

Other notable training-related occurrences:

I ran 12 miles with the jogger last week. I don’t think I’ve ever run that far pushing the jogger by myself. Both Squish and Little Miss were dreamy through the nearly 2-hour ride and were appropriately rewarded with hot chocolate at the end of it.

My training buddy, Madison, and I have been doing speedwork together as well. Hill workouts and 800-meter intervals, mostly. While Madison is faster than me and kills me by the final hill or interval, we’re both improving, and that’s pretty great to see. I am so grateful to have someone to push me when it would be easy to say, “Ah, that’s good enough for today.”

I’ve been using lemongrass oil on my knees which has done amazing things for me in staving off knee pain. Well, did amazing things for me. Until yesterday, when I woke up with contact dermatitis on both knees. So long, lemongrass oil! I seem to be allergic to you.

While lemongrass oil is out, ice cups for muscle massage are in. I have one tight spot on one calf (so weird how these things happen!) that is giving me issues. Knock on wood that it’ll be the only ache I have to get through before race day . . . .

Finally, I just have to say that while things are going well, I miss checking in here more often. I miss sharing the beautiful, funny, exasperating everyday occurrences, and musing on the imponderables of parenthood . . . and whatever else I used to do.

I’ll be back soon . . . promise!

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