What Happens When You Try to Be a Good Mom


I decided to be a good mom today, after nearly a week of being a lazy mom who takes 4 hours naps and let’s her 4-year-old play on the iPad while she sleeps.

But today, with temperatures in the 40s, I was ready to turn over a new leaf and to try, once again, to be a good mom. And this is how I was going to do it: I was going to take my children outside. It had been half a week since they’d seen the light of the sun, unfiltered through panes of glass and curtains. Four days since they’d left the apartment.

And boy did it show. Temper tantrums. Whininess. Selective hearing. Boy oh boy. Call it cabin fever. Call it snow rage. Call it mid-winter break blues. Whatever it is, we were all pretty cranky. Something clearly needed to change. We needed some fresh air.

So we got ourselves all ready. We were out of practice, so it took a little bit longer than normal. But we did it. We got out the door. And as we walked down the street, before we even made it to the corner . . . it started to rain. Still, we persevered and walked all the way to the playground — which was, of course, covered in snow. But the children humored me and clomped around in it before the rain started to really come down and we gave up and went home. 20140219-230543.jpg

It was lunch time by then, and Manchild had specially requested deviled eggs. And because I was going to be a good mom today, I made the extra effort. Squish and Little Miss got some leftover cauliflower mac to eat while I deviled the eggs because they weren’t interested in that sort of thing. Manchild devoured the eggs and I patted myself on the back for being such a good mom. Right up until I sat down on the couch and noticed all the cauliflower mac fingerprints all over the upholstery, which Little Miss had so lovingly placed there while I slaved over the eggs.

See if I ever try to do anything nice again.

I would have been pretty discouraged about my attempts at being a good mom and having it blow up in my face. But then this night at bedtime Manchild said the prayer and thanked Heavenly Father that he was able to play on the iPad and on the Wii U and watch some Shaun the Sheep today. And that’s when I thought, “Well, at least I’m doing something right . . . ”

Maybe it doesn’t take any special effort to be a good mom after all.

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  1. Haha! This reminds me of a day during my first trimester that I was so sick and so tired. I put some fish sticks from the freezer in the oven, made pasta-roni, and served fruit and veggies that came from cans for dinner. My kids declared it THE BEST MEAL EVER!


  2. Man… winter is hard! Today Aspen looked out the window and sadly asked, “Mom, when it’s spring can I play outside again?”

    Since it’s sunny out, I put on my good-mom-hat and we went for a walk. Just remember those little victories!


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