So, beet greens. And eggs. I thought I could probably do something with that. And I did. Something that looked like this:

This is how I did it: First, I cooked some quinoa. Then I took a few beets (3), peeled and chopped them into 1/2 inch dice and a couple (2) sweet potatoes and did the same. I tossed them together with some olive oil and and salt. Spread them on a baking sheet, slide it into a 425 degree oven, and let the heat have its way with them for about 30 minutes — until the beets were soft enough that a fork went right in.

While the veggies were roasting, I cleaned the greens and stacked them up so I could cut them to ribbons with minimal effort. I heated some olive oil in a skillet and added some pressed garlic (if you don’t have a garlic press, let me recommend investing in one), and after the garlic sizzled for a minute or so, I added the beet greens. It only took a minute or two (during which I added a light sprinkling of salt) for the greens to wilt a bit after which I took them out and put them on a plate.

I cracked some eggs into the hot skillet and let them sit, undisturbed, for a few minutes until the whites appeared to be set (but the yolks were definitely still runny). Then I turned off the heat.

To serve, I tossed the greens and veggies together. Then I spooned some quinoa on our plates and scooped the veggies/greens on top. An egg went on top of that. And it was, in all honesty, absolutely delicious. I had no idea about beet greens. But now I do and I will repent of all those times I just tossed them. Plus roasted veggies . . . people, they just all taste good. All of them.

So that’s what I cooked. I also ran 39.4 miles. Even though there was snow and ice piled up all over. And even though I had to push a fully loaded double-stroller through it. This marathon isn’t going to train for itself, so I’m going to have to do it. But, as you can see, there are perks to running in the winter. Such beauty that I would have missed if I’d stayed in.

My goal, of course, is to run all 140.6 miles of the Ironman, and with nearly 40 miles in the first week, I think I’m in good position to achieve the goal, but it is still early. Anything could happen! If you want to join in but you’re feeling like it is too late, remember the half-Ironman option that is new this year. You can totally do 70 miles in 3 weeks.

For week 2, your cooking challenge is to combine two delicious roots: ginger and carrots. Send me your updates so I can post them next week. (You should be sending weeks 1 and 3 to Christy at christy.spackman at gmail dot com.)

Happy Ironmanning!

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