Oh. Hi there. How’ve you been? Well, I hope.

Me? I pretty much unplugged the last two weeks. Hardly even looked at a computer. Barely checked my e-mail. Didn’t mindlessly scroll through Instagram a dozen times a day.

It was nice.

But while I wasn’t writing, I was, every now and then, thinking of all the things I would be writing about – kind of like how I have a mental list of things I want to talk about with my sisters next time we have one of our virtual girls’ nights. And, just as I do with my sisters, there are so many things that I can’t remember a single one. Or maybe I can’t think of a single one that I could possibly do justice to when we’re just getting re-acquainted. Best to let things come out in the course of conversation rather than try to force it, right?
So I’ll just tell you this:

It’s a new year and for weeks I’ve been thinking about what this new beginning will mean. And after working so hard to get things done – and actually finishing them – it truly does feel like a new beginning.

For me, it means a new cycle of marathon training. Boston is on April 21st and it’s time to start racking up the miles.

It means re-examining what I’ve considered to be a “healthy” diet and seeing if there are ways I can improve. (There are. And I’m happy to tell you about the revelation I had about salad sometime. I’m sure you’re dying to know. I mean, can we please talk more about salad?)

It means a stronger effort to unplug when I have that privilege – which is a privilege I haven’t recognized until now.

There are a few other things it means too. And the year will reveal them to me as it goes along, I’m sure.

But for now I want to know what the new year means to you. Is it a new beginning? Do you have new plans? Recommitments to old ones? Or is it just a different digit to remember whenever you write the date? (And do you always forget and have to scribble out the old year for the entire month of January, like I do?)

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