Being Fully Immersed


Back to life. Back to reality. Back to school pickups and meal planning, bedtimes and blogging.

At first, it was painful. Forcing rusty joints to move when they’d grown accustomed to staying still. Willing cold limbs to warm up and recall how to do their thing. Remembering what it was like, back in the day – two weeks ago – when we used to be good at this and could do it smoothly and efficiently. Hoping we’d get back there again . . . someday.

Then the storm came and forced some fast thinking. Little Miss Trouble stealthily climbed out of her bed, into ours, and pushed us into a new phase of life. A scheduling error lit a bit of a fire under us and shot us right back into the saddle.

Before I knew it we were, literally, back in the saddle: riding the bike over the bridge home from school. Just like old times. As we crested the hill and started the descent down into Williamsburg, I noticed that the sun was higher than it had been the last time we’d done this. The days are getting longer (even if they’re also getting colder). And I remembered how, just a few weeks ago we had been looking for menorahs and Christmas trees as we rode home, searching for signs of the season and reasons to be excited.

And I thought: that was fun. I’m glad we did that.

But this is fun, too. A normal day, nothing special, no expectations, nothing to anticipate. A simple ride home, a normal day of homework, a tasty homemade dinner, and maybe a game before bedtime.

And that’s because “nothing special” really is something special. Nothing special is getting to listen to my first grader try to read cursive for the first time and watching him come up with new tricks to do with his yo-yo. It’s hearing Squish sing “Look down!” from Les Mis, and then telling the kids what the story is all about at dinner time. It’s feeling a little girl climb up next to me in the darkness, looking for a warmer place to spend the night.

That’s my life. That’s my reality. And I’m glad to be back in it, fully immersed, fully engaged.

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