Permissions and Priorities

I’ve been pretty permissive with myself lately. I gave myself permission a few weeks ago to not think about my writing all day long. I generally permit myself to listen to podcasts and ignore my children while I make dinner every night. (They are not always as accommodating.) And on a day-to-day basis I’ve been learning to give myself permission to let something slide – even if it means canceling appointments or ignoring e-mails.

I’m a huge fan of this “permission” thing. Suddenly, it doesn’t feel like I’m letting balls drop or being neglectful. It feels like I’m being smart, intentional, and somewhat indulgent. Like I’m taking care of myself and my family. Keeping us from being too busy and me from being stretched too thin. My brain is a bit less scrambled, and I am emboldened by the feeling of being slightly rebellious – of putting things at the bottom of the priority list, rather than trying to fit everything in at the top.

And because of that, I’m feeling more flexible. More fun and fancy free. I can wake up early if I need to. Or not. We can take all morning getting out the door to go for a run. I can spend the hour before pick-up reading stories and tickling chubby bellies. And I don’t have to go around chasing down balls that have rolled into other people’s courts.

It’s nice. Nice to have permission from someone, anyone – even myself – to not worry so much and think so much and do so much.

I think this means I’m learning to prioritize and I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing.


This week on Babble:

That post I told you about tips for running in the cold.

What do you think? Is green juice – at $10 for a single serving – just another status symbol?

I can’t imagine what I’d do if a bad photo of me went viral, but I’d like to pretend I’d handle it something like this.

Have fun this weekend. With my permission. 🙂

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  1. Is that Oliver under one of Micah’s creation? Oh your family lives in the best world of your own design!!!


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