Did you know that it’s nearly 10 minutes faster to take the Williamsburg Bridge into Manchild’s school? More colorful, too. The Williamsburg Bridge has much more interesting graffiti, plus it is pink and gray. Oh, and it has 3 hills instead of 1. I guess you can’t win them all. But faster is faster, and just like that we’ve found ourselves 20 more minutes a day!

One thing about taking the Williamsburg Bridge, however, is that you have to ride through Williamsburg. Which means lots and lots of school buses carrying little Jewish children back to their homes. And lots of men with beards and earlocks, women in black dresses, children with yarmulkes. You could be forgiven, I believe, if you thought you had stepped into a retro-fashion photo shoot when you see these women with their kids standing on the street corners. I, personally, feel a bit like an intruder. And I, personally, don’t like all those buses quite so much.

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Also, did you know that if you wake up early and try to do your heavy mental work before you’ve exhausted your brain . . . well, it may just take you only an hour and a half to get it all done instead of three hours. Maybe. The jury is still out on that one. But 3 days of experimentation have yielded promising results, and if it weren’t for the fact of Halloween+unexpected visits from favorite extended family members+pumpkin carving+thisweekisabsolutelynutsandeveryoneiscryingby8pm, it would appear as though 7 hours of sleep (maybe even 7 1/2!) is a real possibility.

And this one was a complete surprise to me: did you know that if you get already for bed and turn off all the lights at 10pm, it feels just as late as if it were, oh, I don’t know 1am. Who knew!?!? And why didn’t they tell me?

The thing about learning to go to bed early and wake up early is that I feel a bit like a part of me is dying. I mean, part of my identity is that I’m a night owl. When the clock hits 10:00, the night is young. Except that maybe it isn’t any more. Maybe, when you’ve been up since 5:30, 10:00 is old. And grumpy. And not any fun to be around any more. So I suppose I might as well leave it in peace and find new friends. Like 5:30am. Which really isn’t all that fun, but it is quiet, and it does let me think, and I guess that’s really what I need in my life right now. Time to think. And I’m glad I’m finding a little bit more of it.


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