Each time I have stood and cheered on runners at a big race – like last Sunday’s New York Marathon – I always wish I could do more. More than just call out people’s names and tell them they are looking good, encourage them to keep at it and finish strong. I know the cheering means a lot to people – it means a lot to me when I’m running – but seeing them out there, 8 or 12 or 20 miles into the race while I’m just standing on the sidelines gets me itchy to get involved and put my legs to good – or better – use.

And even when I am running the race, I run it knowing that I’m running mostly for myself. For my family – my children and husband – too of course, and for friends as well, who think I am crazy and cool for keeping up this running hobby of mine. But I look around me and see other runners supporting causes, running for cancer research or for healthy kids or for world peace and I feel . . . well, I feel a little selfish. And also that I’m not at a point in my life where I can do that. The causes are going to have to wait because I can barely get myself and my kids out the door for our morning run before it turns into an afternoon run. There’s just no way I can squeeze in fundraising on top of the mileage.

Or is there . . . ?

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