10 Random Things I Noticed This Week*

1. Not very many first graders can do a proper jumping jack, but that doesn’t stop them from being really enthusiastic about trying.
2. Scribbling on paper is fun, but scribbling on the back of your brother’s shirt, with a sharpie, while he’s wearing it, will get a bigger reaction.
3. Seaweed snacks are all the rage in lunchboxes these days, as are dried mangoes.
4. It’s important to know the sign language for “toilet.”
5. There are few things more exciting in life than filling up the marble jar and earning a class party.
6. If you can find a way to laugh when you are pushing a double stroller up a hill and into the wind, your life (for those few minutes) will be much more bearable. Bring a friend or two if you can.
7. Riding boots = money well spent.
8. It’s just not fun to play chess with someone who refuses to be put in checkmate. Ever.
9. Christmas is, like, a month away.
10. It’s usually a good idea to keep your grumbling to yourself and put on your happy face for public viewing. (Grumbles should be saved for the few who have been carefully screened.)


And this week on Babble:

Under Armour just bought MapMyRun. Will the union yield clothes that can help keep you fit? (I hope so!)

Long term side effects of some drugs are just being discovered, like glaucoma for long-time users of The Pill.

And with cold weather hitting us hard the past few days, I thought I’d try to keep myself warm by counting my blessings – just in time for Thanksgiving.

*I’ve been told that people like lists. And I like to give people what they want. So here you go, here’s a list. Enjoy!

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  1. I read your article on glaucoma, and would just like to suggest that you neglected an entire category of birth control users. Not everyone uses it just to control whether or not they get pregnant; I have endometriosis and, when not pregnant, have to be on birth control constantly to prevent the disease from destroying my uterus and rendering me incapable of having any more children. I’m really interested to hear about the glaucoma issue, and it will be something to keep an eye on as I get older, but your article felt like a slap in the face as you insinuated that anyone on birth control was short-sighted.


    lizzie Reply:

    I’m sorry you felt that way Amy! I did not mean to insinuate that everyone who uses birth control is short sighted. My personal experience, obviously, is limited, but that is generally where I write from. I realize that I don’t have a full perspective, and I appreciate you pointing out a big swath of the population that I missed. Thanks for reading and reaching out.


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