Give A Little Respect

“Come on boys! Cheer me on!”


“Tell me I can do it! Tell me I’ve got this hill!”


“Really boys, don’t you think I’m doing a good job?”


Finally, Squish speaks: “Well, I think Dad is the best and I like riding on the bike with him.”

Oh. Right. Thanks a lot.


It’s a silly thing. I know it is. Wanting them to encourage me as I pedal them up the hills. I can get up them just fine. It’s hard, but not impossible. And I’ve done it – and am doing it – enough that it’s becoming easier and easier.

It’s more the principle of the thing. We’re a team here. Some of us are sitting on the bench, and some of us are giving it all we’ve got. And it irks me, just a bit, when the bench sitters are daydreaming while their teammates are laying it all out. (Not that I think they have to be fully invested all the time. But it would nice if they showed a little interest when I’m actually struggling. And asking for encouragement.)

But there’s a deeper level than that as well. I’m their mom. I birthed them. I bathe them and feed them and wash their clothes. I’m the first person they come to when they are hurt or in need. And I don’t ask a whole lot in return. To eat dinner with as little fuss as possible. To get dressed when asked. To not push each other off the couch. And to cheer me on when I’m pedaling up the hills.

Because we’re a team. We respect each other. We love each other. We work together. And we encourage each other on.

Or we will. Someday.

I hope.

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  1. I hear ya! I only bike Aspen once a week to dance class, and it’s just under three miles round trip. But when she complains that I make the bike trailer squeak as I huff up hills, and then complains that I don’t go fast enough, I’m like, HOW ABOUT A LITTLE ENCOURAGEMENT, KID? Imma make her start walking to dance class pretty soon 😉


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