This is my city. And becoming more so. Riding over the bridge. Seeing Manhattan from Brooklyn, Brooklyn from Manhattan. Watching the boats. Smiling at strangers as we pass each other on our bikes. We’re getting to know the graffiti, the stickers, the bumps and curves of the bridge. We’ve admired water towers, commented loudly on the cyclists who have chosen not to wear helmets, and begun – haltingly – to sound out street signs (mostly Squish).

At pick-up today a mom and her two children saw me with my three and the bike and couldn’t help but effuse over how tough I must be to bike all that way to get there – all the way from Crown Heights! Nearly 6 miles! On a bike! But then I asked where she lived. Throgs Neck. In the Bronx. It’s a 2-hour commute by train. They are out the door by 6:30 every morning. Which proves the point I’ve made when people question my sanity in regards to our school commute: I may be crazy, but so is everyone when it comes to their kids. I ride a bike with my munchkins. She wakes up at who-knows-what hour. Different brand. Same crazy.

Last night we came home from school late, after a meeting with Manchild’s teacher. The classroom was filled with parents sitting in the chairs of their 6-year-old children. It was a colorful scene. Most of the parents who spoke had accents. And while at first I felt as though Micah and I were the blandest of parents, with absolutely nothing to share for the cultural studies segment of class, I soon realized that Ohio and Utah may very well be just as foreign to these kids as China and Columbia are to us.

It was dark when we pedaled over the bridge after the meeting. I rode with Manchild and Little Miss. Micah had Squish on his bike. The moon was full. The bridge, the river, were completely different in the dark. Our little family. This big city. The roads that are becoming familiar. The people we see – and who see us – everyday. We’re digging in deeper. Weaving ourselves in and out, through and through.

This is our city. And becoming more so.
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