This has been our last week of summer. On Sunday the term “school night” will become relevant to our family. We are excited and nervous and tired of wondering and looking forward to finding out and hoping that our new schedule – with the long commute – isn’t too brutal. The weather was so nice yesterday that we decided to test how long it actually took me to bike to Manhattan. Even though I took the long way around, it was only about 50 minutes, and while I feel great about that, Manchild’s reaction was, “That’s too long.”

Get used to it, Buddy, get used to it.

Last week I took the boy school shopping. Just me and him. He was a perfect shopping companion. He was decisive but not too picky, he was fine with my ruling on nothing with Angry Birds, he was patient waiting in line for the fitting room, and he was quick to point out that green pants with a blue and green striped shirt is too much green. (Good eye, my friend, good eye.)

When we finally finished, we stopped to get an ice cream cone from the Mr. Softee truck, which fulfilled one of the boy’s long-standing dreams.

And while I’ve been trying not to feel too acutely that this is the end of an era, that school is going to change our lives as much as adding another child, that our lives will never be the same . . . well, it’s too hard not to notice that my boy is growing up. No matter how much I put on a “business as usual” front, inside I am anxious. I hope he’ll make friends, I hope he’ll like his teacher, I hope he’ll love school. And I hope I’ll love it, too. I hope the benefits blow the costs out of the water.

For one of our final summer activities, we went to the High Line to make butterfly wings, walk in the butterfly parade, and then release a few butterflies into the wild. The weather was nice when we left home, but it was raining when we got to the city. We stepped into the Apple Store to wait it out, met up with Micah, then decided to press on through the rain anyway. And it was a good thing we did. We had a great time decorating our butterfly wings and running around the High Line with them.

Besides being a lot of fun, it felt very appropriate: our little boy is sprouting wings. Little tiny ones, but still. I hope he is ready to fly.readytofly

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