I never thought I’d say this. Never. But . . . I kind of miss waking up early to go running. Or at least having the option to run, by myself, before the kids were up.

In the week since Manchild started school, which simultaneously stole my early morning run and gave me back the double jogger as a possibility, I’ve been out with the jogger three times. And I noticed that the jogger is hard to push. I can’t go as fast. And I have to try to talk to Squish. Or to listen to Squish when he’s trying to tell me something. And that’s hard to do, too. (No offense to my boy, but it’s just hard to hear when he’s speaking into the wind in his tiny little voice.)

Not so much solitude out there. Not so many effortless miles.


On the other hand, I did go running three times. Which is, roughly, three more times than I would have gone if I didn’t have the jogger.

Now that my weekday runs are guaranteed to be accompanied by two cute little munchkins, they are going to be a bit slower and a bit louder. I hope to take advantage of that and run with it. Since we’re pretty much a party running down the road anyway, why not really make it a social event?

This morning I ran with a friend (and her toddler). Last week I signed up for some races. (Rock N Roll 10K in Prospect Park and the Boston Marathon. Still planning to sign up for Miles for Midwives 5K and the Holiday Half.)

Pretty soon my running will be so full of people and places and races that I won’t even miss those early morning miles. At least not too much.

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