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Squish thinks I’m the meanest mom in the world.

“You’re so mean,” he says, so many times a day.

When I’m finally pulling his pajamas off him at 11:30 in the morning, after asking him politely no fewer than half a dozen times to get dressed: “You’re so mean.”

When I’m prying the lollipop out of his hand and telling him – for the third time in as many minutes – that he has to eat his lunch before he can have it: “You’re so mean.”

When I’m reminding him, yet again, that we do not ride bikes in the house: “You’re so mean.”

When I’m standing my ground on limiting screen time: “You’re so mean.”

When I’m refusing to blow up the third balloon of the day: “You’re so mean.”

He asks his dad to please sit by him at every meal and cries whenever I drive the bike if Micah is available to do it. Because I’m so mean.

Yet the second he falls off his chair, or bumps his head, or drops a morsel of delicious food, this is what I hear: “Mooooooooommmm! I neeeeeed yooooooouuuuu! Moooooooooooooommmmmmyyyyyyyy!”

And I think: Whose the mean one around here?

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  1. Lizzie, this one is so brilliant! Every Mom will love and I see myself in Sir Oliver


  2. This week felt like being in a hostage situation with my toddler. It’s like, she hates me all the time except when she needs something.


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