I’m done stressing out about things. Seriously. So not worth it.

I’m moving on to people. I’m going to only stress about people from now on. Time and energy much better spent.

I tested it out this week with great results.

Forget about all the writing I need to do, we’re going to the park with our friends.

Who cares about meal plans, lesson plans, cleaning plans. I’m just going to sit here and read to my kids for a while.

And I’m finished with to-do lists. No good can come from them when there are people all around who need you.

Give it a go. See what you think. Let me know how you fare.

And have a lovely weekend, filled with all your favorite people.

favorite people

This week on Babble:

A little less conversation, a little more action on our national obsession with weight, please!

We need to be so careful about how we talk to our spouses about their weight. I mean, isn’t it their health that we’re really worried about?

And last week I discovered a mantra that’s really been helping me be with my family – mentally and emotionally as well as physically.


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