brooklyn bridge

Last week we marked the 6th anniversary of our move to Brooklyn. It was a huge move for us. We spent a month crossing the country from Hawaii, to Utah, to Ohio, before settling in our first apartment here. When we came all we knew was that I would be going to school for the next year and a half. We hoped Micah would find a job, but our vision ended there. And perhaps because our plans were so hazy, every year that we’re able to stay in Brooklyn feels like a victory.

What kind of a victory? I’m not sure. Maybe a victory over uncertainty. We have vague plans to leave someday. I suppose if we really wanted to leave, we could. But we don’t have a set timeline on when to go, or a place we are planning to go to. And sometimes it seems as though maybe we’ll end up staying here forever simply because we’ll never make up our minds about what’s next.

So maybe that’s why every day of certainty, every day that we are able to wake up and say, “This is our home,” feels like a success. And it makes me want to dig in a little deeper just to have that security.

We’re off to do just that this weekend – dig in deeper and soak in as much of the city as we can: a day at the beach, a ride through the city during Summer Streets, plenty of time at the park, and a special event that the boys have been so excited about for a couple of weeks. More on that later.

But until then, take a minute to check out what I’m up to on Babble:

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I’m no music critic, but I wouldn’t have pegged Michelle Obama as the first lady of hip-hop.

I don’t think I have the mean mom gene, but I’m still going to be careful with my kids when I feel stressed.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for reading, and thanks to all you who have responded to my survey so far. There’s still time to respond if you haven’t, so please take a minute if you can. It’s only 5 questions. 🙂

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