My brother and sister-in-law stayed with us this week. And that solved this problem I was having. Playing tour guide to some of our favorite people is a great way to get out and take advantage of the city. It’s also a great reminder of why it’s so hard to do most of the time.

This is why: you end up standing in the museum with a squirmy, tired, baby strapped to your body. And she is pinching your arms and your neck and occasionally shrieking like an eaglet. Also, you have two little boys who like the idea of the museum much more than they like the museum itself. Twenty minutes is about as much as they can handle before they start wondering when we can go home.

But that’s okay. Because along with the pinching and the shrieking and the complaining that accompany playing tour guide come the perks of having guests: games that I don’t have to play and stories I don’t have to read, new people to climb on and test out jokes with.
Plus I had other adults to talk to during the day. Topics included: why women who don’t have to work would choose to anyway, the adjustment period in becoming a mom, feeding kids as adults versus eating kid-food along with them, whether or not girls are given more grief in school for being smart, the benefits of video gaming, whether or not girls are encroaching into boys’ worlds, what a good vacation looks like, if skipping grades in school is worth it, and disciplining children for inappropriate behavior and helping them through difficult emotions. To name a few.

We had lots to talk about, and I’m left with lots to think about and wishing I’d had more time and energy to put into those discussions. Another time. *sigh*

If you have any time or energy left in your week, check out my Babble posts: there’s one about so many styles of yoga (I’m thinking I should spend some time in some “restorative” poses), and another about becoming a morning person, which I totally aspire to, but which is not happening this week. At all.

Enjoy your weekend! I hope it is packed with goodness.

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