The Quiet Heart

People are stupid sometimes. Thoughtless. Blind. Lost. Hurt.

And we never know it. A stranger steps out in front of our bike as we’re cruising down the street, so lost in their own thoughts that they didn’t even think to look. And we silently (or not so silently) curse their carelessness – not knowing what issues they are trying to untangle that took their brain away from something so basic as looking before stepping. Must be serious. And heavy.sadboy

Or maybe it’s a friend. They look past you, ignore you when you’re talking to them, seem aloof and distant. You’re left wondering what’s wrong with them  – or what’s wrong with you. Are they mad at you? Are you not good enough for them any more? And before you know it, you’re upset, or hurt, or angry at them. But you’re also oblivious to the distance, the aloofness they are feeling in their own lives. And you just made it worse.

Or maybe it’s you who is so consumed in your own cares that you can’t see the suffering around you. You could be wreaking more destruction with your silent selfishness than with all the angry words you know. Which is why it is important when we are feeling low, wallowing in self-pity, to look for some one else in the same pit and give them a leg up.


Be generous, people. In word, in thought, in deed.

Be open and honest in the kindest way you can be.

Do no harm.

In the quiet heart is hidden sorrow that the eye can’t see.


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  1. I’m pretty sure this moved me so much I cried. And by pretty sure I mean I did. It is so easy to forget others when we become ensnared in our own minds. And yet, everyone we know is struggling with something, All the people we think are perfect and don’t have heartaches are just the ones we don’t know very well.


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