You should take a rest day after you run fast. You should do one long run a week. You should do most of your runs at an “easy” pace. You should change shoes every 300 miles. You should never, ever wear cotton.

Or maybe you shouldn’t.

Or maybe I shouldn’t.

I tend to follow all the rules and stick to my training plans as though my life depended on it instead of my finish time.

But last week I kind of got sick of the rules and hearing/reading about what I should be doing if I want to run faster, be stronger, stay healthy, and never get hurt.

Because who wants that?

No, seriously though. I’m lucky to get in a couple of runs a week and when I squeeze one in, I don’t have time to go slow, to run “easy.” And if I manage to wake up and get out the door two days in a row, you better believe I’m still going to run fast even if the day before was also an unintentional speed workout.

In short: I’m going to do what I want to do. Forget the rules. I just want to have fun. So I’m going to wear my shoes until there are holes in the bottom. I’m going to run long and fast whenever I darn well can. And I don’t even know what “easy” means any more.

Do what you feel, people. Do what you feel.

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