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It is a fact that video games are not my thing. I didn’t play them as a kid and, with rare exceptions, I find them frustrating and annoying. But it is also a fact that last weekend we went to the Nintendo store to test out Disney’s new Infinity game and walked out of the store with a new Wii U.

That was not part of the plan when we walked in.

Now, three days later, I’m still feeling pretty good about our somewhat spontaneous purchase, and this is why: Squish is even worse than I am at navigating a video game controller, so I’m not always in last place. (Phew!)

Okay, and also, this:

Such happy noises.

Not to mention the fact that last night as we were playing together for the first time, taking turns and figuring things out, it seemed like a good way – even a great way – to spend an hour or two as a family. Better than watching a movie together. And even if it takes me a while to get used to the controls, I want to be in on the action. I want to take my turn. I want to be in the loop, especially where my kids are concerned.

Plus the game itself – Infinity – is pretty fun. I’m especially excited about the “Toy Box” mode in which it’s not necessarily a game, you just get to build your own world and run around in it. It’s designed to let kids (and adults!) use their imagination and explore like they would if they were playing with a roomful of toys. (Which is what my kids will still do when the Wii is off.)

So far, Manchild’s favorite thing to do, in two player mode, is to move the landscape around so that Mr. Incredible (played by his brother) falls into the abyss beneath. Hence the laughter in the video above. Thankfully, Squish is a good sport and finds it just as funny as his brother does. And I get a kick out of it, too. Someday, maybe I’ll figure out how to outrun that maniacal landscape architect, but for now, I’m happy to die trying. 20130820-223259.jpg

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  1. Interesting. I’ve never really thought of the family bonding that can come with playing video games together. I guess it’s the same as playing board games or card games and I love doing that, but I’ve always been leery of video games. I wonder if the boys will get more competitive or will want to play it to the exclusion of other, more inter-personal or active pursuits. Keep us posted on what you think of it in a few months, I would be interested to know.


  2. I love that Little Miss looks like she’s break dancing:)


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