Disney Baby Giveaway!


A little while ago, we were invited to see some of Disney’s new looks for babies. Tigger was there. Manchild acted like they were long lost buddies, which was great because Tigger acted that way too. I mean, they even co-ordinated the orange stripes, so there you have it. Totally on the same wavelength.


Pooh was there too, of course. Just another long lost friend, I guess.


We spent an hour or so playing with the toys, enjoying the views from the hotel, getting our photo with our favorite celebrities (Pooh and Tigger, of course), and admiring the gear. Disney Baby has some really nice stuff these days. Not so much with the “just stamp a picture of Mickey on everything and call it good” these days. It’s much more subtle, much more fun.

I found myself coveting some piglet onesies for Little Miss and wondering if maybe some Monsters Inc. bedding could find a home in the boys’ room. I really liked the Finding Nemo stuff as well.

I’ve never really considered having a “theme” or even a motif for one of my babies. But if I had it to do again (and maybe I still do!), I might be tempted by an underwater theme with lots of Nemo elements, or a monsters look with some Mike and Sully scattered about.

(In retrospect, a monsters theme would have been great for Little Miss. Not only does she continually surprise us with her feats of daring, she really, really likes to roar. Oh, and she bears a bit of a resemblance to Boo.)


On our way out, we got a gift bag with some great gear: Little Miss learned to walk in the Disney-themed Crib & Crawl shoes (she wears them nearly every day), the Minnie Mouse sippy cups are essential diaper bag items, and the blanket and book made excellent baby shower gifts, just to name a few.

Because we loved the gift bag so much, Disney Baby has kindly offered to give one away to one of you. So, are you pregnant? Do you know someone who is pregnant? Then please leave a comment on this post by Monday Sept. 2 at midnight! I’ll randomly select a commenter and you’ll receive a Disney Baby gift bag in the mail!

Just tell me which Disney movie/character you would decorate your child’s room around. A woodland theme with Pooh and Piglet? A racecar theme built around Lightning McQueen? Classic Mickey and Minnie?

If you win, you’ll receive:
– A Hallmark Classic Winnie the Pooh book
– Pooh throw blanket
– A pair of Crib & Crawl shoes
– A Winnie the Pooh bib
– An On-the-go puzzle
– A pack of 1st birthday invitation cards
– A pack of baby shower invitation cards
– 2 Minnie Mouse sippy cups
– A singing Tigger rattle
– A bottle of baby wash
– A lullaby cd
– A white sachet with a onesie
– AND a Roller-pillar ball set
A lot of fun things and a lot of practical things. What’s not to love! Go ahead and leave a comment before Monday Sept. 2 at midnight! I’ll announce the winner Tuesday, Sept. 3.


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  1. Love the giveaway!


  2. Definitely monsters. Love the blue and green!


  3. Not pregnant now, but hopefully baby #2 isn’t too far away :) If it’s a girl, I would probably decorate with the old Disney princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty), I loved them. And if it’s a boy, maybe Monsters Inc or Bug’s Life. I can’t wait to watch all those old Disney movies with my kids!


  4. My mom found some framed classic Winnie the Pooh pictures at Goodwill before Anna was born. Then she framed some pressed heather blossoms from my time in England in a similar frame and we decorated the nursery around that theme with soft purples and light greens and browns. It was very pretty.


  5. How fun! Aspen is obsessed with Lightning and Mater right now. There was a brief Tinkerbell phase but somehow she’s just not as captivating as Cars.


  6. My almost 2-year old loves Minnie Mouse, so I’ve thought a classic Minnie Mouse theme would make a really cute room.


  7. I’m not pregnant now, but my baby’s room is still sadly undecorated. I would love a Winnie the Pooh theme. It is just so classic and cute.


  8. Baby Tour 2013 would only be complete with winning baby stuff and sharing the goodness amongst the masses.


  9. Maybe a Tigger theme for our bouncing baby boy? Tigers are pretty awesome, and Tigger is the best tiger in the hundred-acre wood. Well, actually he’s the only Tigger. Tiger.


  10. I have always loved pooh and while I like modern patterns more than themes, I bet one could incorporate Disney with patterns.


  11. We’d totally decorate with Winnie the Pooh. What a fun giveaway. Thanks Lizzie! :)


  12. I would love to win this as I have a baby shower to go to!


  13. Vintage woodland/Bambi! Thanks


  14. This is such a great gift! Love anything Disney and we could use it :)


  15. I am due with a baby girl in October and her crib and bedding is Winnie the Pooh themed.


  16. Such a cute giveaway!!


  17. What an adorable package! Would love to win these items for my daughter!


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  20. Jesenia Cabreja

    March 23rd, 2015 at 4:29 pm

    I LOVE THE MONSTER INC. I would like the whole set.


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