There was somebody honking at us. I thought it was the car a little bit behind us and I was sure they wanted to yell at me for riding in the car lane with all those kids on the bike. So I ignored them. The last thing I needed the first day of my 4-day stint as a single-mom while Micah is at a conference was to be yelled at by strangers.

But the honking continued. Finally, I started to look around. Then up, into the cab of the semi-trailer right next to me, where two guys were waving frantically to get my attention. They gave me a thumbs up as the light turned green, and I smiled, waved, then added another tally to the mental list of random strangers who think the family bike is awesome.

It’s true. The family bike is awesome. Even though it is hot and humid out, I find myself looking for places to go and reasons to ride. I’ve loaded it up with groceries a couple of times, we’ve taken it to church and back, and it’s been lovely to ride down to the park for our Saturday morning Ultimate game.

Seriously people, I highly recommend it.

And while I’m recommending things, might I suggest giving soda a second thought? I’m not a big soda drinker myself, but I got some of this “lightly carbonated” Neuro drink a couple of weeks ago and I kind of think that maybe, if we were in the mood for something “special,” I would purchase some in place of Sprite or whatever. It tastes a lot like Squirt or Fresca – my two favorites – but is not made with high fructose corn syrup and contains, like 250% of your daily Vitamin D requirement, along with 100% of your Vitamin C and a bunch of other vitamins. Kind of like having a vitamin tablet crossed with a soda.

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Finally, I recommend reading these (including my Babble posts):

Love love love this story of Bret Dunlap, who was hit by a car as a child and still struggles with the effects, but has found a place in the running community.

I’m cheering for Jeff Bauman, as well, who was one of the worst injured in the Boston Marathon bombings.

My friend James wrote here about being a dad and here about seeing his wife as a mom. I love the juxtaposition – it reminds me that it’s so easy to see that everyone else seems to be doing it right while we are terribly uncertain about our own performance. Just for the record, James, you’re both killing it. Edie’s got it good.

You know that skin cancer is preventable, right? And also real and deadly? I was reminded of that a couple of years ago by one of the few random strangers who stopped me on the street and offered a helpful – and powerful – perspective. Read about it here, along with some tips to protect yourself and your kids from the sun.

Those mid-afternoon junk-food cravings can be so insistent. Especially when you are tired, stressed, and trying to listen to the demands of 3 little people at once. But those cravings don’t have to turn into a guilt-fest. Try these tricks to manage them.

If you’re a newbie runner, or know someone who is, you may be intimidated by the cost of entry into the world of fitness. $150 shoes, anyone? This guide will help you know which essential items are worth spending the big bucks on and which you can get on the cheap.

Now it’s your turn: do you have any recommendations for me?

Hope your weekend totally rocks. And thanks for reading.

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