I took the kids out Wednesday morning to try to get some birthday pictures of the Little Miss at age 1. (Yes, it was her birthday on Wednesday. Unbelievable, I know.) The plan was just to stay in front of our building, maybe find a nice wall to put her in front of. That sort of thing. But as soon as I put her on the side walk off she went. She had something she needed to do and she was going to do it.

I chased her, camera clicking, to the end of the block, but she still hadn’t done what she set out to do. I led her around the corner and chased her down that side of the block – and still, she had places to go. By the time we were half way around the block, it was clear that she was thrilled at having the freedom to go as far and as fast as she could. (Wonder where she got that?) And by the time we arrived back at our apartment the boys were ready to go in and have lunch, but she was having the time of her life.

That’s my girl.

She’s a bit of a firecracker, that one. She loves to be in the thick of things and is pretty good at letting us know what’s up. Turn on the water in the bathtub and she’ll come running, pulling at her clothes to get them off. Ride down a hill on the bike and she’ll lift her arms to catch the breeze. Show her a piece of watermelon at your own peril: it will soon be dripping all over you and her, and she’ll be begging for more.

She’s not the only one prone to begging. We all beg her, of course, to say our names, to come here, to say “bye-bye!” but mostly, to give hugs. She gives the best hugs probably in the whole world. Melt-into-you hugs that remind me of the newborn “I’m-part-of-you” stage. They make you forget all of the pressing matters you had at hand because all you want to do now is hold her all day.

And we totally would if she let us. But, unfortunately, she’s a busy girl. There are plastic cups and plates that need to be scattered through the apartment. Books to be torn. Egg shells to fetch from the trash can and chew on. Brothers to with hair that needs to be pulled. And entire city blocks that need to be circumnavigated. The world can stand still for a few seconds, but then it’s back to business.


If you happen to have a few seconds to spare before you need to get back to business, check out my Babble posts. And, as always, if you like something you read or know someone who might, please share!

You all know I was nervous to leave my baby. See here to find out how she handled things – and what I learned from her.

As a compulsive journaler, I felt compelled to journal about journaling.

It’s amazing how easy it is to put ourselves in the worst light and others in the best. Try to keep yourself on even ground!

Enjoy the weekend, people! And thanks for reading.

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