I am a wanderer. I knew that already. And today I got to wander around and release some of the stress and frustration that happened yesterday when I “missed” my flight – or they wouldn’t let me on board because I was there 41 minutes early instead of 45. (I think if they had realized I didn’t have a bag to check I might have been able to work things out. But I didn’t realize that, the check-in desk was severely understaffed, and I ended up in or on the verge of tears for 6 hours at JFK and 2 hours on the plane before I started to put it behind me.)
But anyway, I’m a wanderer. And I wandered around wanderlust sampling different types of yoga, making new friends, learning some new things, and soaking in all the nature I can get before I head back to Brooklyn tomorrow. 20130719-015938.jpg

Toyota sponsored this trip as part of their partnership with “Off The Mat, Into the World,” which is an organization that encourages and supports community activism and social change through yoga. I’m not entirely sure what that means or how they do that, but from what I gathered, they basically target active women with a social conscience and maybe a little bit of extra time and/or money in their lives. You know, those do-gooder types with SUV crossovers and a couple of kids. And through their participation, they support programs like Global Seva Challenge that trains yoga leaders to raise money for humanitarian efforts in struggling countries Yoga in Action, which supports service projects on a local level.

So that’s what I’m here for. For every tweet or Instagram post with the hashtag #toyotagiving, Toyota donates $3 to Off The Mat.

More on the festival later. Until then get some sleep. And I’ll try to, too. 🙂


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  1. This is amazing! How great to jet-set off for a bit! Yay for yoga and Yay for Lizzie!


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