It’s always so relaxing when my computer crashes and I’m forced to unplug. I sit on the floor more and in he chair less. I listen more closely to people who are actually talking to me and less to those who are typing. I worry less about time and schedules and follow the rhythm of life a little more closely. (I’m embarrassingly bad at keeping the beat of life — maybe someday I’ll get my beat in sync.)

But that is not what happened this week. My computer was fine. It was me that crashed.

It seemed like a good time for it, having just come off some of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in years, and with a holiday and Micah off work two days in a row . . . perfect time to crash. 20130705-212544.jpg




I did my best to take advantage of the downtime, to relax, recharge, re-evaluate, reconnect. And I think I’m ready to reboot and go back at it next week with some new perspective and new energy.

Hope your 4th was festive and your weekend is full of your favorite parts of summer. See you on Tuesday.

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