Not Everything All At Once

Last week I thought I might sign up for a half-marathon in the fall. And there’s a 5K in a couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about as well. Last night, a 10K in September caught my eye. I’ve been eyeing races a lot lately. This fall seemed like it would be a good time to chase some PRs – to really push myself to do some more speedwork and see what I can do.
But last week Micah was out of town for several days and I didn’t get to run much at all. And I’ve been biking a lot lately and my legs are really tired. And Little Miss’s schedule is not cooperating with my plan to sleep between the hours of 11pm and 6:30am.

Running still happens. But it’s not as far or as fast or as frequent as I’d hoped it would be by this point in the summer. And in my disappointment, I’m reminded that one way to make yourself miserable is to try to do everything all at once. I’m realizing, perhaps for the first time, that it applies not only to life in general – a time to go to school and a time to have babies, a time to retire and a time to travel – but to day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month living as well.

So maybe this is just not the time to pursue new records. Maybe it really is a time to take things slow, to keep a different pace for a while, to stop for some frozen yogurt near the end of a Saturday evening run, to be happy just to be out – and to trust that the time to chase PRs, to run fast and run frequently, is not too far from now.

20130716-213004.jpgI’m heading to Lake Tahoe tomorrow to attend the Wanderlust Festival. I’ll be posting a bit from there, and you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @lizzieheiselt as well. Good times!

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