Weekly Retrospective

All of our wildest dreams have (sort of) come true.

It was just a few months ago, it seems, that we were dreaming of a family bike. In our imagination, there was a seat on the front for Little Miss, a seat on the back for Squish, Manchild would sit on the cargo rack and I would stand on pegs while Micah pedaled us all around. Great idea, right?

But then we got serious and decided to do a little research. And then we did some test drives. We tried a box bike. We tried a tandem. We thought about tagalongs. And then we heard about longtails. 946796_461264330615427_1649875910_n

Longtails, my friends, are the future. At least we think they are. And just about everyone we’ve talked to who has one says they think everyone should have a longtail. Since we heard about them, my dreams have evolved to include biking – with all three kids – to the park. And the grocery store. To playdates. To Costco, even. I’ve dreamt of Micah and I riding around Brooklyn (and Manhattan) on our date nights, cruising through the streets at our own pace free of subway fares and subway stairs.

photo copy 8

Yesterday, our longtail arrived. It’s a Yuba Mundo*. And we wasted no time putting it to good use. Micah and I rode it home from our date night, down the West Side Highway, across the Brooklyn Bridge, through downtown Brooklyn to our apartment. Even in the rain, even up the hills, we had a good time. (Okay, so maybe Micah didn’t have such a good time going up the bridge, but it was totally manageable, even with me and cargo on back.)

So, the wild date-night dream has come true. And we’re looking forward to making those other dreams a reality as well: the grocery store, the park, playdates, church. Wherever.

And wherever we go, whatever we do, I’ll be sure to share our adventures with you. After all, the more people we can take along on this bike with us, the more fun it will be. Right?

photo copy 9

And my Babble posts this week:

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*For those who are curious, our Mundo has two Soft Spot seats on the cargo rack for the boys to sit on and an iBert seat in front for Little Miss. We got two cargo bags to carry whatever it is we happen to need. And next month, when they become available, we’ll add the Monkey Bars to keep our little circus a little more contained. Any more questions? What else would you like to know?

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  1. That’s such a great idea. An acquaintance of mine has one and his wife and daughter hop on the back while he chugs up the hills in sugarhouse like it ain’t no thing.


  2. Cool! Can’t wait to see that thing up close!


  3. Super cool! Enjoy it!


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