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One of the big events of our trip to Utah happened this week: my youngest brother left on his mission to the Belgium Netherlands mission. He’ll spend several weeks in Provo learning Dutch and how to teach people about our church, and then he’ll get on a plane and fly across the world and he won’t come home until 2015. Little Miss will be a chatty almost-3-year-old by then. Squish will be finishing kindergarten. And Manchild will probably be taller than me.

It’s a long time, but I know that it will also be so fast. We’ll write letters and send caramel butter bars for his birthday. We’ll draw pictures and send photos. We’ll keep him updated on loose teeth, first days-of-school, new friends and new skills.

So much will happen, but in the end it will be just a small time apart.

I need to remember that more: it’s really just a small time. Take advantage, live it up, smile knowing that, for better or worse, it’s not going to last forever.


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  1. All I can think about are those salted carmel bars 🙂


  2. Kathleen, I added that link just for you!


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