You know, just because we’re having a great time, soaking up the sun and the space here in Utah does not mean that there have not been “moments.”

Like that one where Manchild lost his breakfast in the aisle at church just before the services – in which my sister’s baby was being blessed – began.

Yeah, that was a good one.

And I can’t pretend it’s been a picnic to have been the only person whose face didn’t sent Little Miss into hysterics for the first couple of days.

Or that it’s been easy to juggle bedtime duties for two hyped up boys and a super-tired baby girl.

But on the other hand, I can never get enough sister time. It has been great to sit around in the kitchen chatting with my sisters, like the good old days – even if these days we share the kitchen with five little people who run and scream – and have us running and screaming when we discover that Little Miss has somehow climbed almost to the top of the spiral staircase unnoticed.

Trampoline time is also another thing we can never get enough of. And grass. And water.

And yesterday my parents took us out to Bountiful Pond, a place I didn’t know existed, and we waded and fed the ducks and both boys ended up falling in and getting soaked.

I think that sums up our week pretty well: even the missteps, no matter how unfortunate and messy, make a good story.


I’ll check in after the race tomorrow to let you know how it went, but until then, here’s what I’m up to on Babble.

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