Postcard From Utah #2


For weeks Manchild has been excited about a particular promise we made to him about something we would do when we were in Utah: watch Star Wars for the first time.

He got a Star Wars origami book for his birthday and has been learning bits and pieces about it over the past couple of months. Like about how “lightsaber” is pronounced and how to fold one from a piece of paper.

Last night was the big night. After some deliberation it was decided that Squish could join us, but only because he would probably fall asleep after a few minutes (he didn’t). There were lots of questions coming from Manchild’s side of the couch, but after a while he settled down and just watched.

It was funny because just last week there was a post on the Motherlode on this particular topic. When to introduce your kids to the things you grew up with. I don’t know if this was the exact right moment, but it was a good one. Both boys enjoyed it. When it ended and we asked them what they thought, Squish said, “It was all about space!” Like it was the best thing ever.

And Manchild talked about how there were “learning parts” – like the part where he learned that the blade of a lightsaber is made entirely of light. Important learning like that.

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  1. Oh, the day little man got to watch Star Wars for the first time was magical! It was just a few months ago, and he was absolutely hooked. We actually just went to Star Wars Weekends in Disney so he could meet some of his favorite characters. In the last few weeks, we allowed him to watch Episodes 1 & 2, but we are holding off on #3 because it is just way too intense and there are some things I think he would find disturbing and upsetting. He’s not happy that I’ve deemed it “not propriate” but he has plenty of years ahead of him to catch up.


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