20130604-213458.jpgNever have the hills that define my hometown felt so wonderful as they did on Saturday morning.

We flew into Utah late Friday night on a flight I will say was not the best one I’ve ever taken (two spills, two fingers squished in the tray/table door, two times rocking Little Miss to sleep, one discreet clothes change on a sleeping child, and three children who were sleeping by the time we got to the gate – but who’s counting?). That, along with the fact that it had been two weeks since my last run, had me itching to get some miles in. And with our half-marathon just a week away, I really needed to give my IT band a test.

So after I put Little Miss down for her morning nap, I snuck out the door while the boys played with my brother and dad. I told them I was only going a couple of miles. Maybe five, if all went well. And off I went.

Down one hill, down another, then up and up and up and up. I may have stopped once or twice to “enjoy the view” (and catch my breath), or maybe take a picture. I hit the two mile mark without even a twinge. The three mile mark and still no pain. By four miles, when I finally turned to go back down the mountain, I was still feeling great. And as I rounded the corner back to my parent’s house and hit the five mile mark I could only feel bit of tingling if I really focused on my IT band.

I’m still hesitant to say that I’m healed. But another painless 4.5-miler today with my sister makes me think that at least I’ll be starting Saturday’s half-marathon without a nagging injury.

Let’s hope I end it the same way.

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  1. Beautiful view. Glad to hear you had a good run and hoping you stay injury free!


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