“I can’t wait until we go to Utah!” (Me either!)

“How many more days until we go to Utah?” (Zero! T minus 5 hours to lift-off!)

“Are we going to have trail mix when we go to Utah?” (Yes. A big ol’ bag of it.)

Summer vacation, here we come. Three weeks of yards and trampolines and cars and cousins and aunts and uncles and races and movies and splash pads and marshmallow roasts.

This is the stuff summers are made of and we’re going to soak it up like sponges.

See you next week!


And this week on Babble:

It turns out that “moderation in all things” applies to salt, too. Try to find a happy medium.

A burpee is a burp you get from drinking a slurpee, right?

Do you know why you get side stitches? Nobody else does either.

“Reduced fat” food could be sabotaging your diet.

And finally, ladies, let’s stop the fat talk. We have better things to talk about. I’m sure of it.

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