Guess what.

Yesterday, I took a shower and the Little Miss did not sit outside the door and cry the whole time. Also there were times (more than one!) in which I put her down and she did not immediately fold in half and weep and wail. Plus, not to brag or anything, but she has slept from 8:00(ish) to 6:00(ish) three days in a row. It feels like a new era is dawning in the Heiselt house, the sun is rising. And just in time.

Little Miss is 10 months old today and showing signs of getting past the separation anxiety that has dogged us for half her life. She’s playing more with her brothers. She’s excited to see her dad when he comes home from work. The world does not come crashing down when I walk out of the room.

Suddenly, it feels like we’re a family. A real family. We’re all involved. All piled on the couch jockeying for the best place to listen to bedtime stories, all jumping on the bed to see who can touch the ceiling.

And sometimes, randomly and suddenly, when we’re all a tangle of arms and legs and sweet, sticky skin, it feels like a very big family. In a very small space. We’re bouncing and laughing and bouncing back and laughing more.

We’re getting bigger. Growing, learning, adapting and adjusting. All that squirming around and growing and trying new things – we’re finally finding a comfortable spot, a place where we can relax and enjoy and not be in each other’s way. Or maybe, be in each other’s way, but lean into it, embrace it, embrace the chaos, the noise, the bouncing, the laughing. Embrace each other.

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