The Little Miss wants to walk. She stands. She reaches out. She leans and leans, and then . . . she falls. Right into our hands. Once or twice she has picked up a foot, but she hasn’t quite gotten it placed before . . . “Timber!” the mighty tree is down.

It’s exciting. Her brothers want her to do it again and again. They want to time her to see how long she can stand. They ask us to help her up so she can keep trying. And she’s a good sport about it. She’ll stand, she’ll reach, and she’ll sit down when she’s tired. And then she’ll crawl away when she’s done. She seems to have a sense that there is more she will be able to do, but it will come in its own time and that’s okay. There’s really no reason to rush.

In fact, there is no reason to rush anything. It will come. We will get there. Manchild will go to school. Squish will learn to read and write and listen. Little Miss will walk and speak and sleep all night long in her own bed.

I know that. I do. But sometimes I get a little anxious because I forget that things change and they change quickly.

It’s months before we really need to think about re-arranging our apartment so the kids all sleep in one room, but I keep imagining which piece of furniture will go where, how we’ll make things bright and homey . . . . I’m still new at this writing gig and I’m already trying not to despair over never ever having a relaxing evening again (because it will come – someday I’ll be able to write during the day) . . . . I’m looking to the end when I’ve only just begun.

I think it’s time to look a little bit more to Little Miss for some encouragement. It’s fine to stretch, it’s good to take a chance, it’s helpful and strengthening to reach for things. And it’s also good to have a vision, an idea of where you’re going. If you don’t get there the first time, that’s okay. Someone will catch you. And then you keep trying. You’ll get there. No rush.

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