The Best Kind of Distractions

Distractions are sometimes nice and sometimes necessary. It’s really nice when those distractions keep you so busy that you don’t have time to worry about the things that are bothering you. It’s even better if those distractions and that busyness comes from spending time with some of your favorite people. And walking around the city. In the rain. All day.

A few months ago I was out for a run when the thought occurred to me: why on earth haven’t Allison and Heather come to the city for a visit?! That very evening I got an e-mail from Heather asking the same thing. Within a few days it was settled: they would come for a couple of days in May. We would visit museums and eat tasty food and maybe even catch a show. With our kids in the care of our husbands, we would be together and footloose and fancy free in the way we had only been when finals week was over.


And we were. And with the cold and the rain, which kept us walking quickly all over the city, we covered a decent amount of ground in the 40ish hours we had at our disposal: the Brooklyn Museum, Grimaldi’s, Brooklyn Bridge, the Met, Shake Shack, Central Park, the Manhattan Temple, the Highline, Union Square, Cinderella on Broadway, and a glimpse of Times Square.

The walking and talking and being with friends and away from my “desk” was a much needed break from the worry of not running and the wear of lots and lots of writing.

And although I have been giving my IT band time to heal, all that walking also helped release some of the nervous energy I usually feel after a few days off from running, without the risk or pain of re-injury. I haven’t had any pain since last week, but I think the extra time off will give it time to really heal. Later this week I plan to go for a test run – nothing too fast or far – just to see if the healing is actually happening.

Updates on that next week, but until then, may I recommend (again) giving the IronStrength workout a go? The more times I do it, the more I love it. I’m feeling stronger and more balanced for sure, even if I do look alittle wobbly by the time I get to the last set of burpees.

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  1. I’m so sad I couldn’t come. I thought about you all weekend. It was probably for the best though because Dan ended up having a massive project due that weekend and I was basically a single mother for a week or so. I’m glad you had fun without me though!


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