My water bottle has been a little bit of a lifesaver this week. Not for it’s helpfulness in keeping me hydrated, of course, but for it’s cylindrical shape and it’s hardness. Stainless steal is the way to go, I believe, when the foam roller just isn’t cutting it any more. Who needs a rolling pin when they have a Klean Kanteen?

So, no, my IT band has not entirely healed. But it feels pretty good most of the time. I took most of the week off, once again, but went out for a 5-miler on Friday just because my brother was in town and could watch the kids while I went out in the middle of the day. I had to take advantage of the free babysitting somehow. And then on Saturday I went out again. Actually, we went out. The whole fam. It was our inaugural family run of the season and while it was a little slow than usual while we figured out how Manchild was going to handle riding along on his bike, we did it and that’s what matters.

We celebrated our accomplishment by playing Ultimate with some friends in the park. I have very little experience with team sports, and I’m never very comfortable out on the field. It always takes me a while to 1. work up the courage to get out there and 2. realize that nobody cares how often I drop passes as long as I’m making an effort. And once I do that, I generally have a good time. By the time we had to quit, I was feeling pretty good about life. I’m not quite ready to say it was anything like intervals or speedwork of any kind, but it was fun and it was different – a needed break from thinking about pace and mileage.

This week, I haven’t been worried about running much in general. I’ve been having fun, enjoying the weather, and letting someone else set the pace for a while. family run

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