“There’s nothing worse than a weak-butted runner.”

Nothing. A weak-butted runner is the worst. Or so I’m told by the man who hosts the workout video Micah and I dragged ourselves out of bed for at 6:00am on a Monday morning to participate in. And after 20 or so minutes of jumpsquats, plyometric lunges, rotating planks, and push-ups I thought, “No. He’s wrong. There are worse things than a weak-butted runner. Like trying not to be a weak-butted runner.”

Still, we persevered through pain and the humiliation of not being able to do even one proper sit-up or burpee and were rewarded for our efforts by not being able to move without pain all day today.

And actually, the worst part is that I’m kind of excited to stop being sore . . . so that we can do it again.

Because remember how Micah has been nursing injuries for nearly 2 years? And how we’re running a half-marathon in just over a month? Well, we’re hoping that adding a little strength-training to the mix will help him to even his body out so he can run without getting hurt. I’m hoping for the same thing. I feel pretty blessed/lucky to have only had a little bit of IT band syndrome going on, but if I can do something to help me to not have IT band syndrome going on, then I think I want to do it.

If it gives me a strong butt on top of that, I am all in.

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I’m hoping to resume a more normal running schedule in the next week or two, but this past week I’ve still been trying to “rest” and let my IT band heal so that I can bend my knee without pain. But resting is not something that comes easily when I have a lot of walking to do to get Squish to and from school, or to play with friends, or to go anywhere and do anything. Resting is also not something that comes easily when my friend who is training for the Brooklyn Half invites me to come along with her on a run. I rationalized that it would be slow (she just finished up cancer treatments and is blowing my mind with her determination to run at all, let alone a half marathon) and that it wouldn’t be too far . . . but 7 miles later I realized that I’d miscalculated. (I also rationalized going for a “run” with Manchild, but seeing as how he’s still working up the stamina to make it around the block without walking, I think I’m okay there.)

Still, my knee continues to feel better. I haven’t felt it at all today, but I’m not sure if that is because it is healing or because the soreness of the rest of my body detracts from the pain in my knee.

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