Quickquickquickquick s-l-o-w. Quickquickquickquick s-l-o-w. That is the rhythm of life. Rush rush rush rush until you are there and  . . . then what? You are there. Was it worth the rush? Is it everything you imagined? Or are you looking around, trying to find some other place to go, some place else to rush off to?

Or maybe it is simply hurry up so you can get there and have a moment or two to catch your breath, slow down, take things in, and evaluate. Adjust. Plan. Prepare. Try to get back on track. Not “hurry up and wait.” More like “hurry up and rest.”

After last week, with all of the drama that sometimes felt like nothing and sometimes felt so important, with missed deadlines and last minute saves, we hoped this week would be a chance to sit back a little, get back on track, see what we have to work with again.

And it has been that kind of week. Thankfully. It has been the best kind of “waiting,” the kind where we are able to, finally, take those bags of clothes to the donation center. And sit on the couch and read. We’ve had a chance to play games and tell stories. We’ve caught our breath and been able to scan the horizon a little bit. Plan our next move. Enjoy the view. Hurry up . . . and rest.

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While you are enjoying the view this weekend, take a minute to peruse my Babble-ings:

It’s about time to get the kids out running. Just be sure to do it age-appropriately.

The secret to keeping up a fitness regimen: finding a million motives to keep at it.

We all have foods we think we’re addicted to, but the jury is still out on if that’s even possible.

I eat like a flexitarian, even if I don’t call myself one.

And I’m officially blaming/creditingmy sister for those warts I had as a kid.

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