I started thinking about what I wanted to do after Boston months ago. Training was going so well and I was having such a good time that I decided I might as well take advantage of the fact that I’m not pregnant and train for as many races as possible. So I signed up for a half marathon in Utah so I’ll have something to do when I’m visiting my family in June. Oh, that and the fact that we’ve participated the past two years and several other members of my family are running the marathon or half marathon, so it seemed like a good thing to be a part of. It’s tradition!

But aside from training for that and various other races, I have a couple of other things I want to do, too. Like stop being so selfish. Micah has been really great about doing whatever he needs to do – and I need him to do – so that I could train and qualify for Boston, so that I could run while I was pregnant, so that I could train and run Boston. And he’s been nursing some injuries for a long time now. I think it’s time to focus on getting him better so that he can chase his dreams too, and not just hold my horses for me.

And then there is the Manchild. He did such a stellar job at the Mile for Midwives 5K last year, but he was right in that I neglected to train him properly. I’m hoping to do a better job this year. I’m also hoping to take advantage of some morning-run time to take him out one-on-one for a quick lap or two around the block. Over time I hope we can do a couple of miles together. He’s looking forward to running together while I push his little siblings in the stroller, but I think that might be a little ways off. For now I think it will be good for us to run and talk and see if he likes this kind of thing as much has his parents do.

But for the next week or so, I’ll be resting and rollingmy legs and trying to get that IT band back to normal. And counting my blessings that I have a family who has been so supportive as I’ve run after my dreams. Time to return the favor.


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