Have I mentioned that I’m running a marathon on Monday? In Boston? The Boston Marathon? I can hardly believe it.

The weather in looks like it’s going to be perfect on the 15th: a few clouds, with a high of 57. Lovely day for a run. My fingers are crossed that it stays that way. I’m trying to convince myself that shorts and a tank top are going to be appropriate apparel after wearing 2 long sleeved shirts, a tank top, and capris nearly every run for the past 3 months.

I’m excited that I get to run the same race as Kara and Shalane. Honestly, what a treat to be able to run on the same course as the greats at the same time as the greats. Of course, they get nearly an hour head start and will be running an hour faster than me, so I won’t be seeing them much, but still. I’ll literally be following their footsteps.


Now, here are the details for those who are interested in following me: The race starts at 9:30 on Monday morning, and the elite women start. (Okay, actually, the race starts at 9:17 with the push-rim wheelchair division and then the hand cyclists at 9:22, but theĀ runners start at 9:30.) The elite men and the first wave of amateur runners start at 10:00, and my wave, Wave 2, starts at 10:20. I’m hoping to match my performance at Hartford and finish in the low 3:20s, though I reserve the right to have an awful day and to drag my body over the line at whatever pace my arms will pull me. (And if that happens, please forgive me for being just a little bit cranky for a day or two.)

You can sign up to receive texts or e-mails as I make my way from Hopkinton to Boston. AT&T will send you texts or e-mails when I hit the 10K, half, 30K and finish. To sign up, text RUNNER to 345678. My bib number, which I think you’ll need to follow me, is 10165. I’ll remind you about that again tomorrow, just in case you forget.

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