MotherRunner 2.0: Switching Gears

20130429-215655.jpgIt’s been nearly 2 months since I started writing for Babble. It’s been kind of a crazy two months, with illness, marathon training, marathon running, trips to Indiana and Boston, all in addition to “normal life.” I’ve managed to stay on top of the writing pretty well and not mess up my run-in-the-morning-be-with-the-kids-all-day-write-at-night schedule. But it’s been a little tight. There have been some late nights. And some last minute cramming. Maybe a few tears. Still, I’ve done it and I think I could continue on like this for a while if I wanted to.

However, I don’t really want to. Not only is it a really tough schedule for me to keep, it’s redundant. For the past 2+ years I’ve been writing MotherRunner, I’ve been working on getting something relevant/inspiring/helpful/interesting/relatable/publishable up 5 days a week. I’ve gotten comfortable with that (even if the only marker I really hit was “publishable” – and only because I pushed the “publish” button), but that is basically the same thing I am doing for Babble. So why should I do it for MotherRunner, too? Especially when my goals have always been a little bit different from that?

Last night Micah and I had a long talk about this and other issues of time management and organization in our lives. We came to the conclusion, among other things, that it’s time to move forward with MotherRunner. It’s time for me to take another step in the direction of becoming the writer I really want to be. And that means the 5-posts-a-week model is outdated.

Instead, starting next week, I will be posting a minimum of 3 times a week on MotherRunner. There will be a training post: what I’m doing with my running/yoga/strength training/racing. There will be the weekly retrospective with links to my Babble posts and a glimpse into our life and how we live it. And there will be, I hope, a longer, more thought-out and developed essay-ish post. Because that is where I have always wanted to take my writing in the long run.

There may be another short post or two as well, if I have something I really want to share. Or if I have reader suggestions or questions. Or if I just want to.

Now, I’m a little bit nervous about this, a little scared to get out of my comfort zone, and slightly terrified that this whole “longer, more thought-out and developed essay-ish post” is going to fall on its face (or my face, as the case may be) and I’m going to revert back to my comfortable ways. So I’m hoping you’ll stick with me and help me out as I take a step into the darkness. And I hope you’ll find it to be a worthwhile effort, on both our parts.
ps I welcome any feedback. Posts you like? Posts you hate? Suggestions for what to write about, confirmation that I’m not just talking to myself – you know, whatever. Thanks!

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  1. I’m excited for this new turn of events! Wishing you all the best!


  2. I really love your essays and deeper, though-provoking writing. I’m excited to read more of those! You do such a great job on MotherRunner. I really love your site and all your posts!


  3. you are amazing! my blog has fallen flat on it’s face. i wrote nearly every day for years and now it’s been months…MONTHS….you’ll do just fine! fantastic, as always. 🙂


  4. This sounds good and very reasonable. 🙂
    I really like posts about motivation (vague, I know), cross training, reviews of running aps (?) I have just started using “Zombies Run!”, recipes are good, teaching one’s child how to run, tips for good posture and gate (?)
    Nice writing, as always. I’m a fan 😀


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