20130408-211712.jpgSpring, we’ve missed you. We’ve been impatient for your arrival. We’d just about given up hope that you’d ever warm our chilled hearts and soothe our frozen skin. We’re impatient for blossoms and sunshine, for barefoot romps on the soft new grass, for picnics under the trees and for soft breezes.

I have wondered the past few weeks if I would ever get to put the coats back in storage. I’ve wondered if I should buy my boys new gloves to replace the ones that are so well-used they have holes in the fingertips. I’ve wondered if I should accept the perpetual chill as a fact of life and stop noticing it.

But today . . . today . . . seventy degrees, short sleeves, bike rides, playgrounds. Today our hopes were fulfilled. Today you were worth the wait.

Now please, take your shoes off and stay a while.

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