What do you do on a Friday afternoon when you’ve been housebound for days, when one of your kids keeps smearing her own snot all over her face and waking up from naps after 20 minutes? When another of your kids is taking his second nap of the day? When the third kid is fixated on levels and bonuses and coins and unlocking things and can’t stop talking about it?
You contemplate the falling snow and bake a cake. A birthday cake. For . . . somebody who has a birthday today. Which would be nobody I know.
And you snap a million pictures of your kids playing peekaboo.
And you try not to count down the hours and minutes and seconds until bedtime. Because if you do that, you’ll miss out on all the fun.

ps If you’re itching to get outside with the kids, get some exercise, welcome spring. I posted some ideas on Babble. And while you’re there, check out this discussion about looking good and feeling good. In which one of my friends tells me I look “awful.”

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