Is anyone else as disappointed as I am with how “spring” is going so far? It feels a lot like winter to me. I would say that I’ve been patient long enough and I’m done waiting, but I really have no recourse. The weather wins. But I’ll take comfort in the fact that we’re all suffering through this eternal winter together.

While we’re on the topic of waiting for things that feel like they are never going to happen, but are, in reality, probably right around the corner, could someone please train my baby to STOP PINCHING MY NECK? Especially at 4:00 in the morning, when she shouldn’t be in my bed anyway except that the alternative to her pinching my neck in my bed, is her screaming at me from 5 feet away. I remember, vaguely, this being a thing with the boys as well, but only for a brief period of time. My fingers are crossed that Little Miss follows suit.

Right now, however, I am done waiting for this fun girls’ weekend I’ve had planned for months: visiting with one of my besties in Indianapolis, hanging out with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law and nieces, listening to inspiring women share inspiring messages. I’m going to be refreshed and rejuvenated when I get home, and ready to wait some more, for whatever is coming my way.

And in case you’re waiting for something right now, here’s some stuff I wrote for Babble to read while you wait:

Squatting in the fight against pelvic floor disorder! (This is a remix of something I wrote here first, in case it sounds familiar.)

Are you wanting, wishing, hoping, pining, or are you CHOOSING?

We all deserve a little guilt-free chocolate in our lives.

Do you eat dinner as a family? Maybe you should, if you value your children’s mental health.

And some musings on marathoning and mothering, because it’s been on my mind.

Have a happy weekend!

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