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Some weeks are great for scraping things down to the bare bones of life to see what’s there. It turns out we don’t need much sleep. We don’t need to go grocery shopping. In fact, we don’t need to go anywhere or do anything. Because some weeks you just can’t handle anything¬†extra or anything fun. Some weeks you really are just getting by.

And, it turns out, we can get by without groceries, or fresh air, or enjoyment of any kind.

What we cannot get by without, is the iPad.

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Although, now that I think about it, maybe if we didn’t have the iPad, we would have been forced to go outside for some fresh air. Hmmm.

While I’m mulling that over, here are some things I wanted to share:

First, YES. Yes, yes yes. I refuse to feel guilty about using my phone so much (even though sometimes I do feel guilty about using my phone so much).

And then there’s this thing my friend Ben wrote about running and living a good life.

Over at Babble.com I’m:

Trying to overcome negative thought patterns

Encouraging people to find motivation to lose weight (hint: pay for not doing it)

Finding simple foods to boost immunity

Hoping parents remember to be careful about giving their kids antibiotics

And spilling about why I think running is the most efficient use of the first hour of my day.

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  1. So… I spent about a 1/2 hour trying to get a comment to post on one of your Babble articles. As far as I know it never made it. But I am reading and enjoying them!


  2. Great Babble articles, Lizzie! Thanks for providing the links. I plan to use even more garlic.


  3. I agree, about the phone usage. I have been trying to put this into words. I’m so glad someone did!
    And, I’ve had problems posting on Babble too. But, I’m reading your stuff and lovin’ it!


  4. Thanks for the links! I’ve been so excited to read these articles!


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