20130319-215438.jpgAfter a week off from the flu, I’m crawling my way back to training for this beast of a marathon that is less than a month away. To be honest, I’m starting to get a little nervous. I feel like I missed a key week. I know that physically, one week doesn’t mean I’m going to lose much fitness. But it doesn’t mean I’m gaining much fitness either. And since I’ve only got a couple of weeks before I need to taper, I’m feeling a little rushed to get my miles in. Especially my long run miles.

Which brings me to how training actually went last week. I ran on Friday. Friday is normally my rest day. But I didn’t want my first run back from my break to be the 20-miler I planned for Saturday. So I put in a couple of miles on Friday, and it felt okay. Not great, but I did find that I could cough and run at the same time, which was bizarrely comforting for me.

With those 5 miles under my belt, I went out for my long run on Saturday fairly confident that I could finish. However, it was cold and snowing. And it kept snowing. Sometimes harder than other times. I did not enjoy myself. I fought for every mile. The only thing that saved me from cutting it off short was that Micah joined me for the last 6 miles. He dropped the kids off with some friends and met me at mile 14. He kept me talking even though I really just wanted to moan in pain. Actually, I did moan in pain. Because it really hurt. I can honestly say that it was one of the most miserable runs I’ve ever been on. The only thing that saved it for me was knowing that if I hadn’t done it, I would feel worse.

So that’s that. I hit bottom and I’m climbing my way back up. I’m hopeful that my next 20-miler, in a couple of weeks, will show me that I’ve improved and give me some much-needed confidence for the race. I am happy that I got those miles in, and so glad that Micah was able to help me through it. My fingers are crossed that this week will show me I have nothing to fear, that I’m right on track, that everything will be fine come April 15th.

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